Shipping Materials

Let's discuss shipping...

Good for the body, and good for the earth are words we do business by. How do we ship sustainably to help preserve and be good to and for the earth? We work intentionally to minimize our environmental footprint while we grow the Belovd Food brand, and finding eco-friendly shipping materials that are not super expensive and easily home-compostable or curb-side recyclable was surprisingly difficult. But, we found a solution we can work with!

Upcycled materials!

When you receive your hand-packed box of Belovd Food Cocoalina Superbars, do not be surprised if it appears to be an upcycled box filled with repurposed packing materials. This is intentional. With our mission of sustainability in mind we reached out to our (amazing) local community to collect single-use shipping and packing materials that we upcycle, repurpose and extend the life of just a little bit longer. We ensure all the upcycled materials we use are clean and intact before packing your Belovd Food order with them.

We can’t control every environmental impact while growing our business but we can feel good about reducing land fill dumps one thermal bag, air pillow, cardboard box, ice pack at a time. And, so can you.

Be happy, Be healthy, Belovd.

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