What is cocoalina?

Cocoalina is a new product category Belovd Food created in combining rich dark chocolate with nutrient rich spirulina. Cocoa + Spirulina = Cocoalina!

 What is spirulina?  

Named for its spiral-like shape, spirulina is a nutrient-rich cyanobacteria that grows in both salt and fresh waters producing energy through photosynthesis. With its deep emerald color, spirulina is one of nature’s gems. It’s also a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, and is considered one of nature’s most nutrient dense “green” foods. But, what does it do for our bodies and why is it in Belovd Food?  

  •       It can detox heavy metals
  •       It can boost your immune system
  •       It has anti-cancer properties
  •       It can help reduce bad cholesterol
  •       It can help lowers blood pressure
  •       It can improve sinus issues
  •       It can boosts your energy

Why use dried coconut nectar?

In short, Belovd Food Cocoalina Superbars are subtly sweetened using dried coconut nectar because it is delicious. It also has numerous nutritious properties: very low on the glycemic index; naturally contains inulin which has been linked to reducing blood sugar spikes; and, coconut trees are good for the planet because they are powerful soil builders and balancers.

What chocolate couverture does Belovd Food use as a base?

We use Guittard Sante 72% organic cacao dark chocolate made with organic dried coconut nectar. Created with zero sugar alcohols, no refined sugars, only one gram of net carbohydrates, our dark chocolate base is also keto and paleo-friendly.

Are Cocoalina Superbars organic?

Our base couverture chocolate is organic and we use as many organic ingredients as possible. We source some of our ingredients from small family-owned farms in Indonesia that simply do not have the resources to afford US organic certification. We feel confident however that the ingredients that are not specifically identified as organic are grown sustainably and with little to no usage of pesticides.