Turn any moment into opportunity for joy with a Cocoalina Superbar.

Cocoalina Superbars are 72% dark cocoa chocolate paired with spirulina, a micro-algae known to be nature’s most nutrient-rich food and the world’s best plant source for a complete protein. We add mindfully chosen superfoods to handcraft a nutrient packed, full of flavor, and tasty dark chocolate treat - a Cocoalina Superbar.

Cocoalina Superbars

Our Manifesto

Belovd. By yourself first.
It’s an empowering feeling.

Choose to treat yourself. Choose to nourish your body. Enjoying Belovd Food is like tapping into a source of refreshment, restoration, and empowerment –the joys of life.

And, feeling that connection between choice, health and joy is an expression of love for yourself.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Belovd.

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