Cocoalina Chocolate

Cocoalina Chocolate shipping will resume when temperatures dip again in the Fall. Please find your favorite Belovd at one of our Retail Partners.

Better For You.

Cocoalina Superbars are 72% dark cocoa chocolate paired with spirulina, a micro-algae known to be nature’s most nutrient-rich food and the world’s best plant source for a complete protein. We add mindfully chosen superfoods to handcraft a nutrient packed, full of flavor, and tasty dark chocolate treat.

Better For Earth.

We work intentionally to minimize our environmental footprint while we grow the Belovd Food brand. Our inner and outer packaging is compostable and all of our shipping materials are either eco-friendly or upcycled and repurposed.

Handcrafted with Intention.

Belovd Food takes food allergies and sensitivities seriously. Our journey began to provide an allergy-free chocolate for our Founder’s daughter. We are proud of our nut-free, gluten-free, soy free, refined sugar free, vegan Belovd Bars.

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