About Us

“Spiranunu Chocolate.”

That’s what Priya Patil’s beloved twin toddlers called the nutrient-rich dark chocolate after she introduced them to the two key superfood ingredients: cocoa and spirulina. 

Priya learned the value of cocoa and spirulina - and each ingredient’s respective impact on people and their health - over the course of her international public health career. She earned masters and PhD degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and lived and worked in over 15 countries around the world. Through her work, Priya helped people, families, and communities thrive by embracing wellness, cultivating health, and seeking joy.

From her international experience, she knew spirulina, the most nutrient-dense plant in nature, was a complete protein, and used in nutrition programs around the world. And she could link cocoa, an ancient superfood, to an abundance of beneficial polyphenols and antioxidants. 

Combined, the ingredients produced a classic, yet modern chocolate. It was an instant hit - with toddlers and adults alike. 

Today, Belovd Food is the blend of Priya’s professional experience and personal heart. She knows that creating a positive shift in food and health has the potential to impact a community’s future forever because it changes how people and families live, thrive and feel joy. The Belovd Food team wants to be a part of creating that joy for others. 


Trust. We are people and a process you and your family can trust to deliver a high-quality, safe and uncompromising superfood treat.

Quality. We source with integrity and believe in using high-quality, fair-trade and sustainably-farmed ingredients. 

Intentionality. We are committed to practicing a conscious, mindful, handcrafted approach to every part of our process - from the ingredients, to our packaging, to how we connect with you, our customers. We serve with gratitude.

Authenticity. We believe the more from the earth you can eat, the better. Our Belovd Bars are a bow to nature.

Honor and respect. Our superfood treats are produced in a way that honors the plant community that grows and nourishes our ingredients, the animals who help to make it possible and the human farmer who brings it all together.